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The price of Germanium£¨the raw material of Optical Fiber£©has been rose 70% during half one year

2011.4.28£¬Optical Fiber Online news:
The price of Germanium has been steady rose from 2006 to 2008, and declined in the second half of 2008; the price of Germanium and its oxides have been around CNY6,000/kg in the first 10 months of 2010. From Nov.2010, the price of Germanium has been soaring. For example, the germanium ingot's spot quotation in shanghai market, the reference price of Ge's spot quotation was CNY 5800-CNY 6100 per kilogram on Oct.21th,last year; but the Ge's spot quotation has been increased to CNY 10,100-CNY 10,200 per kilogram on April 25th,this year; the price of germanium ingot has been rose as highly as 70% within shortly 6 months. The price of germanium ingot are still rose rapidly at present.
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